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Thursday, October 7, 2010

She's Gone Country by Jane Porter

Well...WE DID IT! We went Country. Had a blast too!

The evening started out with a visit to Jenny's Farm in Dexter. Took pictures with some of the animals, but mostly with ourselves and our pink cowboy hats. Then off to Diamondback Saloon for line dancing lessons. We felt real country there! Our teacher, Phyllis was terrific and patient. Sure did work up a sweat. Showed her the book we were reading and she showed it to everyone in the place and announced who we were and why we were there. Had a lot of people stopping by to check out the book and our club. We sweat the night away and didn't want it to end. The book was also a wonderful experience. Didn't want that to end either. The book took us on a journey of renewal and self discovery as Shey uproots her boys and returns to her childhood home in Texas. She has spent the last few decades in New York and around the world as a high-end fashion model. Her husband has left her for another man and Shey is still in shock at what has happened. But, being home brings new paths and renewed bonding with the first men in her life, her brothers. Jane thrilled us, as expected with another inside look at motherhood, womanhood and life. This was the 4th in the series that got us going. First was Odd Mom Out, followed by Mrs. Perfect and then on to Easy on the Eyes (See Limo pictures below). We hope you will take some time out of your busy life to read "She's Gone Country" and the other books by Jane Porter. We look forward to visiting the above books again and to the ones she'll write in the future. Our next book (you gals should be reading by now) is "Sweet Life" by Mia King. Keep track of our happenings on facebook (Pink Ladies Book and Movie Club page). Read along with us. It's worth the trip. Happy Reading! See ya next month, ya'll!

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