So glad to have you visit our page! We are a group of women who get together every month for a great night out. Whether it is sitting around the table chatting about our latest book or taking the book' theme and running with it...you will be guaranteed a good time with the Pink Ladies. We've taken a trip in a huge limo, gone country via line dancing and visiting a local farm, or setting sail on a boat (okay, just a pontoon!). Reading is exciting, but taking that written adventure and exploring it for ourselves is even more rewarding. Even the time we tried to cook a meal from Julia Child's cookbook (thanks to Julie and Julia). What a fiasco! What hard work! We have a new respect for the character, Julie! Flip through our older blogs and enjoy some laughs with us, as well. Thank you for visiting. Happy Reading!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Java House Gathering

It's great to have an on-line access to our gatherings. If you want to join, but can't make it in person, you can always chat with us via the internet. If you are a facebook member (Pink Ladies Book and Movie Club) then all you have to do it log on to your facebook account and chat away. Tonight's meeting was a fun catch-up night as we welcomed Deborah. She was a close high school friend of Sharen and Denise's. Deborah's teenage daughter stopped by after the meeting and teased us for acting like teenagers. We just couldn't help it. After reviewing several books on the coffee table, we all agreed we would give "Salem Falls" a try. It is a thick book so we suggest you get started soon. If you're an avid reader, it probably won't be an issue for you. We are hoping it isn't too intimidating to you "new" readers. Tonight's discussions took us from talking about Mitch Albom's books to Nora Roberts series under the pen name "J.D. Robb". Deborah mentioned how she used to read Stephen King, but thought he got way too weird with his writing. Denise agreed and said that she used to be afraid to visit Maine, because of the things that happened there in King's books. We had to remind her that wasn't real. haha That lead to a discussion on how authors write about what they know and they know "where" they live. Cheryl said she will try Water for Elephants (the book) and Sharen is happy to give her a copy as she couldn't get into the book. Deborah agreed. The movie talked about this month was "Sliding Doors" and the consensus was that it was a great movie. We hope you will join us for Salem Falls and as always, we welcome your suggestions. Visit us on facebook: Pink Ladies Book and Movie Club. Happy Reading!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Aloha Mia King!

We had a terrific evening (despite the flu affecting half our regular members)! Those of us who could make it had the privilege of chatting with our featured author, Mia King. She is so full of energy and has such a dynamic personality. Just talking with her one could tell that she is very smart, as well. We talked about the book, Sweet Life and the dynamics of it. The main character moved to Hawaii, just like the author. But the similarities end there. We discussed how Marissa (the main character) was sort of a high-society snob at first and we saw her transform into an amazing, down-to-earth, yet strong woman. We liked the friendships that ensued with a host of real-to-life women, who were so different, yet somehow came together in their time of need. Mia King is really Darien Gee. She is also friends with Jane Porter! Small world! Darien has a new book that will be released in April..."Friendship Bread". She says that in this new book, under her real name, will be a little more in-depth and will not be as much of a light read as the Mia King books. We know it will be great! (Okay, who is going to get the friendship bread mix started? We pick Denise or Kathy as they usually get things right the first time! haha) We didn't want to hang up with our special guest, but Karen figured we had taken up enough of Darien's time so she started our farewells. "But we didn't get to talk about her family and other things going on in her life!" Well,
guess we'll leave that for next time...this spring when we visit Friendship Bread and even Darien...who will be in the states via her book tour. We are so excited and blessed to have her on our favorite author list. Thanks again, Darien! Aloha and Happy Reading! :D