So glad to have you visit our page! We are a group of women who get together every month for a great night out. Whether it is sitting around the table chatting about our latest book or taking the book' theme and running with it...you will be guaranteed a good time with the Pink Ladies. We've taken a trip in a huge limo, gone country via line dancing and visiting a local farm, or setting sail on a boat (okay, just a pontoon!). Reading is exciting, but taking that written adventure and exploring it for ourselves is even more rewarding. Even the time we tried to cook a meal from Julia Child's cookbook (thanks to Julie and Julia). What a fiasco! What hard work! We have a new respect for the character, Julie! Flip through our older blogs and enjoy some laughs with us, as well. Thank you for visiting. Happy Reading!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Our Gathering on May 8th, 2012

Hey Ladies! This month we met at an exciting library in Ypsilanti. Figured it was time to meet somewhere closer to those ladies that have to travel every month to our side of the city. We had a fun night as new and old friends gathered. Using Skype to connect with an author is the way to go. After a bit of technical difficulty we finally connected with Sarah Pekkanen, the author of this months book, "These Girls". The books main theme was on friendship and we relished the idea of speaking on such a huge topic. Sarah was so amusing. She shared stories of her writing career and about friends that she is blessed to have in her life. We laughed as she told us she was hiding out in the basement so her family would let her alone for a few minutes to chat with us. Then we chatted with Lori, who just took an exciting trip to New York City a last month. The "friends" in the book lived in New York and Lori had some terrific photos and stories to tell us about her trip. She is a terrific speaker and all agreed that we could have sat and listened to her all night. We are capitalizing on the friendship theme by reading more books on friendship in the next few months. Get started on reading "Friendship Bread" by Darien Gee. Our next gathering (we like this word instead of "meeting" as that sounds so boring!) will be filled with many baked goods from each member who is going to partake in the friendship bread recipes this month. Until next month...Happy Reading!

Monday, April 23, 2012

We are back on track! Our first meeting was of the casual nature. We ended up gabbing the night away. Many books were discussed and we came up with an agenda for the year. Most of the year anyway. We decided to create a theme. That theme is Friendship. Our first book (since it came out on the day of the meeting) is "These Girls" by Sarah Pekkanen. The next book will be "Friendship Bread" by Darien Gee (aka Mia King). Then on to "The Girls from Ames" and some other books yet to be confirmed. Friendship is such an important thing. A staple of life...of a good and rich life. Join us! We would love to hear your reviews on the books we are focusing on. If you have any suggestions or ideas for gatherings, we would certainly love to hear that too. Many of you may not live locally, but we are always on-line via the facebook chat during our meetings. We are seriously considering doing Skype and letting others around the globe join in, as well. Thank you, so much for visiting our blog page. Let us know what you think. Please visit our previous gatherings below. Press "older posts" and see some of the hilarious stuff we did. Due to some programs not being active any longer, some of our pictures may be missing. Happy Reading!