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Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Well what a night! We crafted, we gabbed, we ate and we had a nice chat with our current author, Sarah Pekkenan. Sarah's first published book, "The Opposite of Me" is a great story about sisters and life. Even more than that, it is about knowing who you are and sometimes the journey it takes to get there. We found the character enjoyable and at times we felt we could relate to her. Sarah is a very gifted writer. We love her style, her wit, her skills. The book takes some turns that have you on an emotional roller coaster...but then, isn't that the way life is? The book is already a best seller and it's only been out a little over 1 month. While waiting for our exciting phone call I had the girls decorate some boxes. Those boxes then got a slit on the top. I've instructed them to jot down memories, feelings, you know...special moments in life and drop them in the box. In a few months we'll visit the box project again, but for now this is what I've instructed them to do. If you can't attend our meetings, please feel free to follow along with us on the adventure. Back to the book. Our main character (as well as the author) enjoys popcorn topped with honey. So...I made a bowl for the ladies to eat. It was funny. They all said they weren't big honey fans, but they ended up eating the whole bowl. I could swear they were going to fight over the last bit. I think I even saw one of them starting to lick the bowl. haha We had a great chat with Sarah. She was so nice and offered advice on writing and getting published as we have some writers in our group. She answered questions we had about the book and gave us some funny stories about her writing adventures. Thank you, again Sarah for giving us a call! We are so excited to hear that her publisher has picked up her second book and even a third (that she hasn't even technically wrote yet). Congrats!
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