So glad to have you visit our page! We are a group of women who get together every month for a great night out. Whether it is sitting around the table chatting about our latest book or taking the book' theme and running with it...you will be guaranteed a good time with the Pink Ladies. We've taken a trip in a huge limo, gone country via line dancing and visiting a local farm, or setting sail on a boat (okay, just a pontoon!). Reading is exciting, but taking that written adventure and exploring it for ourselves is even more rewarding. Even the time we tried to cook a meal from Julia Child's cookbook (thanks to Julie and Julia). What a fiasco! What hard work! We have a new respect for the character, Julie! Flip through our older blogs and enjoy some laughs with us, as well. Thank you for visiting. Happy Reading!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


No pun intended there. Okay, maybe there was. Anyway, here is a quick overview of our upcoming gatherings.
TUESDAY, OCTOBER 13TH: You will be notified as to what one ingredient you will need to bring to my house. We are going to prepare a recipe (or 2) from Julia Child. Hence, our next book, "Julie and Julia". Please try and have this book for our meeting or at least have plans set if you are sharing a book with another member. (YOU DON'T HAVE TO START READING THE BOOK JUST YET!)

TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10TH: We are going to meet at Chili's in Ann Arbor (car pool!) and celebrate the birthday of one special lady, Denise! We will discuss how the reading is going and hear some excerpts from Julia Child's journal.

TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8TH: WooHoo! This is the DVD release date for "Julie and Julia". So we will be meeting at Karen's house (car pool again!). After the movie we will discuss the differences between the movie and the book, etc.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 12TH: We are going to start the new year off right with a special guest speaker, Jamie Nast. She will present us with an amazing tool that will help us begin the year with a new set of skills. Learn more about her by clicking on the post to the right.


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