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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September Get-together

(Click on images to get an enlarged picture.) This month was a little more laid-back. We figured after the last few crazy months we would just spend some time just hanging out with each other. Tonight we made journals. I brought a bevvy of papers and magazines for the gals to cut out and make their own personal journals that reflected who there are and what they like. The book I presented to all of the girls last month is entitled, "YOU CAN DO IT! A merit badge handbook for grown-up girls". To be honest, I just wasn't ready to find a new author after having finished our Jane Porter trilogy. The badge book is a book that was written by Lauren Catuzzi Grandcolas. Here's what you'll read on the inside cover: You Can Do It! was Lauren's idea, begun a year before she died on September 11, 2001, aboard United Flight 93. A former Girl Scout, she saw the book as a way for women to re-create the feelings of accomplishment and community found in the Scouts. Lauren embodied the books goals. Karen decided she would try for the author badge. She is a gifted writer that we all agree should get her books done and published. Karen has written some shorter books that have kept us wanting more. Cheryl said she believes that is a sign of a good author, when you can't put the book down (like Jane Porter's!). Stephanie and Sharen are picking the Create a Business Plan badge as they are working on starting a bridal consultant business (and Sharen's many others in the works!). Kathy wants to try the photography badge and Donna says she's going for the Avid Reader badge as she is now into reading thanks to the bookclub! A few ladies were out sick and were surely missed. Tonight's meeting was filled with the usual gab and insights on reading. Sharen read an excerpt from a friend of Jane Porter's about her day with Jane and how they became friends. The gals were really inspired by it. Karen read an inspiring article about going for your dreams and how that person reached their goal of having a book published. I ordered the book and I will give it a try. Stay tuned on what happens with that. (I'm thinking Karen took it home, because I can't find it!) It's entitled "The Secret Soldier". Hope it's an easy read, I've got more Jane Porter Harlequin books to read! OH! And we found out--from Jane's official site that Jane's next book is due out in July, 2010. Guess what?! It's about Shey! The ladies are thrilled!
THANKS FOR STOPPING BY! SEE YA SOON! (P.S. Notice our Pink Ladies Mascot in the pics above?!)

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