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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Odd Mom Out Meeting

We started our latest book discussion with the first in a series, entitled Odd Mom Out by Jane Porter. Denise wanted to bring the "favors" for the party...and she wanted to be creative about it. After days of searching, she came up with bandanas twisted and embellished with pink (toy) motorcycles (see picture for a giggle!) Some of our gals are late starters, but I am happy to report that we are creating reading monsters and we are so proud of our new-found readers! Here's some details on Odd Mom Out. In my own words (as I've lent out the book!): Marta is a single mom to 1o year old Eva. She moves to a ritzy neighborhood near Seattle and has to put up with the elite snobs and her own daughter wanting her mother to conform to their ways. Marta is a strong woman who doesn't need to change to be like others. She loves her motorcycle and casual attire. Her daughter does not! We are taken through a journey of a mother/daughter relationship and a lesson in self-esteem. We, as a group agreed that Marta is strong, but yet stubborn at the same time. She also seems to come off as thinking she is better than the Stepfordy women of her town. Interesting!

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